10 Funny Tumblr Blog Names that are Quirky, Weird and Unusually Unique

It’s really hard to create a hilarious blog name. Even if you’ll be publishing incredibly funny content, it’s extremely challenging to make your audience laugh with the few words you’re limited to in a name.

The best you can do is to grab your audience’s attention and make them want to take a look at what you’ve got in store for them.

As we’ve explored before, using puns to come up with a name is a relatively safe and effective way to get some laughs, but if you’re not a witty wordsmith or there just isn’t something that fits, do consider quirkiness as a way to be unique.

From the following list of popular funny Tumblr blogs, you can see that they don’t have you in hysterics when you come across them. But most of them are a bit strange and make you curious about their content.

That’s generally how a lot of the fun and funny blogs are named. They don’t aim to be sidesplitting, but strive to be unusual enough to make you take notice of them.

10 Quirky Tumblr Blog Names

  1. Rejected Onion
  2. Muppets With People Eyes
  3. Hung Over Owls
  4. Men Taking Up 2 Much Space On The Train
  5. Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
  6. Food On My Dog
  7. Actresses Without Teeth
  8. Shit No One Has Ever Said
  9. White Men Wearing Google Glass
  10. F U Auto Correct

Hopefully, you’ll notice how a lot of these sites have really focused content that are offbeat to say the least. And once they’ve confirmed their quirky niche, they simply name their blog in a descriptive way.

Although descriptive names are normally quite boring, since the underlying appeal of these blogs is already very unconventional, by using a descriptive naming approach, they end up with unique and quaint names.

How to Create a Punning Blog Name?

Great puns are often spun by witty people who have a love of words, and a good command of the English language, but does this mean that the average blogger has little hope of coming up with a cool punning name themselves?

A lot of puns are created on the spur of the moment when a funny play on words just jumps into your head, but this is not very useful when you’re actively trying to come up with a name for your blog and need some inspiration on tap.

If you’re not a naturally talented wordsmith, there are alternative ways to develop a cleverly amusing name for your blog.

Here’s a simple 4-step guide on creating a punning name:

1. Make a List of Base Keywords

In order to make the name thematically linked to your blog, you should start off making a list of words that are very relevant to the content you provide or the audience you’re trying to attract.

For instance, the word ‘wok’ has been used in numerous puns for Chinese restaurants and brands related to Chinese food. Woks are primarily used to cook Chinese food, and hence it automatically implies that the underlying product has something to do with oriental cuisine.

This word is particularly good because there are no other common meanings for the word ‘wok’, and at the same time, it’s can be rhymed with lots of other words to create great puns, such as ‘Woks Cooking’ (What’s Cooking), ‘Wok This Way’ (Walk This Way), or ‘Wok and Roll’ (Rock & Roll).

2. Identify Ways to Modify the Words

Once you’ve got your root keywords that are related to your blog’s content, it’s time to put your wordsmithing hat on and lots of other real words that sound the same, are quite similar, or rhyme with your master list.

In the case of ‘wok’, as you can see, some possibilities are ‘what’ (even though this is not overly similar), ‘walk’ (notice that they can be spelt in a significantly different way), and ‘rock’ (it doesn’t even need to start with the same letter).

3. Think of Relevant Phrases or Terms

You should now be armed with an even bigger list of keywords, and this is when your creative, clever and witty qualities need to look for common terms and phrases to incorporate your words into.

Let’s use the substitution of ‘rock’ for ‘wok’ as an example. Instead of ‘Wok and Roll’, you could have ‘Hard Wok’ (Hard Rock), ‘Red Wok’ (Red Rock), ‘Wok Solid’ (Rock Solid).

4. Choose a Name that’s Related to your Blog

As you can see, even though there are cool names that sound great, not all of these may be suitable for a blog (or whatever product you’re trying to name) related to Chinese food.

The final step in choosing an awesome punning blog name is to find a relevant term or phrase that sends a meaningful message about your brand to your desired readership. It needs to resonate in order to be catchy and memorable.

The Best Way to Create a Funny Blog Name

One of the easiest and most effective ways to create a blog name that’s funny is to use a pun.

Puns are sometimes regarded as weak jokes, but you don’t need to worry too much about what naysayers think. As long as the people who you want to visit your blog find it funny, that’s all that matters.

In addition, there are also varying qualities of puns, where some can be obviously cheesy while others may be more clever and witty. So, choose your name appropriately to suit your audience’s tastes and preferences.

As long as you use this naming strategy in a way that results in a meaningful name for your blog, you should be able to create a funny name that’s effective in connecting with the market you’re trying to reach.

Words & Their Meanings

Puns are generally defined as “a joke that exploits the different possible meanings of a word, or the fact that there are words that sound similar but have different meanings.”

So, you can use puns to develop a creative name for your blog in a couple of ways – by playing on the different meanings of a word, or via the use of words that sound the same but have different meanings.

For example, ‘Seoul Food’ sounds exactly the same as the popular term ‘soul food’, but clearly, it is referring to Korean food and playing on the word Seoul (the capital of Korea).

Most of the time, the modified word does not need to sound identical to its original counterpart. It just needs to be similar enough to sound alike, and for people to catch the source and essence of the word play.

People often get confused by puns, and hence find it challenging to create them, but it is really quite simple. The basic concept is relatively straightforward – by changing the spelling of certain words, the meaning will be totally different, but the word will still sound the same (or very similar) when spoken.

Do note that the words do not need to sound completely identical, as it is the context that matters most. Some of the best puns only maintain a rhyming similarity with the same number of syllables to keep the phonetic bounce of the phrase.

Although punning words often begin with the same letter, they don’t necessarily need to, as long as they sound alike or rhyme.

Individual Words vs Full Phrase

In fact, most of the time, it’s better to look at the bigger picture instead of just focusing in on the specific spelling or characteristics of a single word.

Let’s examine the name ‘Wok and Roll’, which is a play on ‘Rock & Roll’. Clearly, ‘rock’ has been modified to ‘wok’, where the first letter of the word is different, and the ending of the word is spelt differently as well, even though it sounds the same.

Now, when you compare the two words on their own, it may be said that they are quite different. But when you consider it in the context of the whole phrase, and add in the ‘and roll’, then the difference in spelling between ‘wok’ and ‘rock’ do not matter as much anymore.

The bottom line is this – when creating a pun, don’t fret over the tiny details such as spelling. Always look at the end result, and think about whether it sounds good, and makes sense.

Haha Funny or Quirkily Weird Blog Naming Strategies

A funny name is a sure way to get people to appreciate and remember your blog, especially if it’s meaningful and relevant to the focus of your content.

There are a couple of ways to achieve this. You can opt for an amusingly funny or a weird naming strategy, both of which could result in a memorable name.

Haha Funny Blog Name

If you’re able to find a suitable name that’s humorous and able to make people laugh, you’ll be onto a definite winner.

It’s hard to be comically funny when naming a blog, as you’re limited in the number of words you can use. Also, if the words need to communicate the theme or subject matter of your blog, it becomes even more difficult to amuse your audience.

One of the best ways to achieve this, is via the use of puns and clever play on words leveraging on common phrases or sayings that are modified to produce a funny result.

A Strangely Weird Blog Name

Alternatively, you could choose a blog name that is funny in a uniquely strange way rather than being comical.

If the name has been intelligently created, it should resonate with your desired audience and be catchy. Although it may not necessarily make people laugh, it needs to still make a significant impression and hence be memorable.

Be Careful Being Funny & Always Get Feedback

Blogs with genuinely funny names are really effective if you can come up with a great name.

However, most of the time, this is tricky to achieve, and the names end up being overly silly, too abstract, unrelated to the blog’s content, and generally unsuitable.

This is particularly so with names that try to be haha funny. Just like telling jokes, if you can pull it off, there’s a great response, but when there’s insufficient originality or appropriateness, it can backfire.

Unlike a party joke, you can just move on to the next one, but with your blog’s name, you’re going to be stuck with it, so make sure you think long and hard before confirming your decision.

One of the best methods of testing out your ideas is to get feedback from friends and family. In fact, even better, is to see what people who will be target market think. If you’ve made a poor choice, it’s much better to hear it sooner rather than later.

Be Unique But Not Too Weird

When it comes to weird and quirky names, the general rule of thumb is to avoid being too strange, and to focus on keeping the name as relevant to your blog’s brand or content as possible.

The art is to keep a fine balance between coming up with a quirkily one of a kind name, and one that can be easily understood and remembered by the majority of your targeted readership.

A List of 18 Funny Words as Blog Names

It’s tough to come up with a genuinely hilarious name for a blog unless you’re extremely witty, so a good alternative for bloggers who want an amusing name is to use a strange word that’s funny.

You can make up your own word by using exotic combinations of letters and silly sounding syllables, or find an existing word that’s entertaining and absurdly comical.

If you’re lost for ideas, here are some examples of real words from the English language that are fun and funny to pronounce.

(Note: Their true meaning may not actually be funny, so you may want to adapt their spelling a little to disassociate them from being inappropriately used, but it’s up to you.)

  1. arglebargle
  2. bahookie
  3. bombsy wombsy
  4. bumfuzzle
  5. collywobbles
  6. doohickey
  7. frappujacku
  8. hornswoggle
  9. hubba hubba
  10. hullabaloo
  11. inglenook
  12. mugwump
  13. scuttlebutt
  14. tiddlywinks
  15. tipsycakes
  16. wallydacker
  17. wigglebop
  18. wubblybuns

Some of these words may sound funnier as blog names if you modify them a bit. For example, ‘bumfuzzle’ could be turned into ‘The Bumfuzzler’, ‘collywobbles’ may sound better as ‘Collywobbled’, and ‘wallydacker’ could be shortened to ‘WallyDack’.

Another way to make existing words more funny may be to reverse the first letters from different words or syllables. For instance, ‘hullabaloo’ could be ‘Bulla Haloo’, ‘collywobbles’ might sound more amusing as ‘Wolly Cobbles’, and ‘tiddlywinks’ may be more unique as ‘Widdly Tinks’.

As you can see, you can really just let your inner child loose and stretch the limits of your imagination to experiment with as many combinations as you like until to come across a name that you like.

Once you’ve found something, type it into Google to verify if it’s truly unique. If there are no matching results, you’ll have succeeded in creating a completely original funny name for your blog that’s a real one of its kind.

So, get your creative boots (or hat) on and have fun playing around with words to come up with your blog’s name. Or, if you’re a literary maestro who would like to contribute more weird words to expand on our list above, please post them in the comments section below.

Feel like being silly? Make your funny combos like ‘Wuggle Rump’, ‘Dorkey Dickey’ or ‘Wobbly Wally’, and share them with the rest of us.

21 Funny Blogs that don’t have Funny Names

The name for a humor-based blog does not necessarily need to be funny. In fact, many of the leading blogs in this area have basic descriptive names that simply tell people what the content is about.

While this may sound strange, it’s not really, when you think about it.

First of all, it’s quite a challenge to come up with a short and memorable name that is also amusing on its own. In addition, if the words need to communicate the focus of the blog as well, it may end up being a virtually impossible task.

Secondly, if you’ve already got fantastic content that will have your visitors in fits of laughter when they browse through the site, the question begs – does the name of your blog really need to be funny? Or is it more important to let you prospective users know what you’ve got to offer?

Let’s take a look at the names of 21 leading blogs that make people laugh to see whether they are funny or not:

  1. Jokes Palace
  2. Radical Running
  3. The Hunters Wife
  4. Village of Joy
  5. My Mom is a Fob
  6. Dilbert Daily Strip
  7. Help Feed the Troll
  8. Awesomely Luvvie
  9. Nanny Goats in Panties
  10. Hot Ghetto Mess
  11. All Funny Pictures
  12. The Habitation of Justice
  13. Funny and Jokes
  14. Offbeat Earth
  15. GoodNCrazy
  16. Hurty Elbow
  17. Blog of Hilarity
  18. The Fun Blog
  19. Angry Clown
  20. Got Funny
  21. View from the Cloud

As you can see, none of them are particularly comical and you won’t be getting stomach cramps and rolling on the floor from uncontrollable fits of laugher.

But, some of them are very effective in letting you know what you’ll find in the blog and the type of humor they offer. This allows you to choose the kind of thing that you find funny without having to visit the site.

However, the others don’t really communicate what’s offered in the blog and there’s no clue whatsoever about the nature of the site’s content. This just goes to show that a funny blog doesn’t need to have an amusing name to succeed, so don’t waste your time trying to crack anyone up with your blog’s name if you can’t think of one.

On the other hand, if you want a creatively catchy name that helps your blog to gain the attention of your potential visitors, a funny name can be extremely unique and memorable when it is properly constructed.

Getting a Funny Name for your Blog

A funny name can help a blog to attract attention and make it easier for visitors to remember it. This may be achieved with the use of humor, or wit to create a name that’s a little quirky and hence memorable.

Will your Audience find it Funny

As always, bloggers should always have the preferences and tastes of their audience in mind when coming up with a suitable name. In order to be funny, the name has to resonate with the blog’s target market.

Something that’s amusing to a teenager is unlikely to appeal to a middle-aged accountant, so it’s important to use an appropriate strategy when you’re trying to be funny.

Different Ways to be Funny

First of all, reflect on whether it’s better to use a name that is ha-ha funny, or one that’s a little bit weird or unusual.

To an older or more intellectually oriented crowd, a cleverly constructed name that uses ingenious word play to be wittily funny may be more effective.

On the other hand, you should be careful not to make the humor too subtle when trying to appeal to a younger market or the general layman, as they may not ‘get’ the deeper meaning.

If in doubt, keep it simple. A blatantly comical name that gets someone to smile or laugh is a sure winner for all age groups and profiles. Just try not to be too cheesy or crude.

How to Create a Funny Name

So, what’s the best way to find a funny name for your blog?

Well, it depends on whether you’re naturally funny and have a knack of making people laugh with your wit, jokes or ability to conjure up amusing ways to describing or looking at things.

People are talented in this area will be able to create their blog’s name by themselves without much help.

However, if you’re a serious character who doesn’t find it easy to make people to laugh, you should probably avoid trying to think of a funny name for your blog.

Match your Blog’s Content

In fact, if it’s not in your nature to be funny, you should reassess whether it’s a good idea to go with a funny blog name. Ideally, an amusing name should be accompanied by content that matches the expectations set by the name.

In other words, if the blog’s content is not humorous, what’s the point of having a name that’s funny? After all, if someone saw a blog’s name that amuses and attracts them to visit the site, chances are, they will be expecting content that is funny.

Having said this, you don’t have to be the class clown to publish a blog that makes people laugh. Let’s say you’re not an articulate joke teller or naturally witty, you can still have a blog that aggregates and shares funny cat pictures or hilarious videos of laughing babies.

Inspiration from other Names & People

If this is the case, you should refer to good examples of funny blog names to get inspiration and ideas instead of trying to come up with an original concept. Pick something that works and adapt it to suit your blog.

Alternatively, get help and feedback from friends and family or people from your social network to suggest amusing names. You could also hold a ‘Name My Blog’ contest and give away a small prize to the person who suggests the funniest name for your blog.

Get Feedback to Help Make Up Your Mind

Once you’ve got a bunch of good suggestions, test them out on your prospective audience to see how they respond to each name. Go ahead and ask them to vote on the one they like best and make your decision based on this feedback.

It is vital to gauge the effectiveness of the name before committing yourself to a particular option, as you don’t want to have to change your blog’s name in the future when you discover that it doesn’t have its desired impact.

The Funny Blog Name Generator

You’re starting a new blog and desperately want to have a name that’s witty and funny to create an impact on your audience and be memorable.

The only problem is that you havn’t got a clue how you’re going to come up with a name that people will find funny.

You’ve looked all over the web and come across funny jokes, phrases, nicknames and everything except good blog names that you can use for your site.

Well, fear not, as you’ve finally found the right resource to help you out. The good news is you’ll be shown how you can create a custom made name to suit your blog’s profile. The bad news is you’re going to have to put your thinking cap on and get creative to develop the name yourself.

Start by reviewing the range of options presented below and decide on a strategy that you like. After that, apply the same ideas to fit your personal profile or your blog’s content by using combinations of cleverly crafted words that are relevant to produce a funny name.

1. Funny Sounding Words

Use words that are inherently funny due to their spelling and pronunciation such as Gobbledygook, Chimichanga, Oompa Loompa, Flabbergasted, Hornswoggle and Scallywag.

Some of these words will be verbs and nouns, while others may be names of food or fictional characters. Most people will not know the actual meaning of the words but if you feel uncomfortable using them due to the inappropriateness of their true meanings, you could modify them to create a made up word that leverages on their funny sounds.

For instance, if you’re Greek, you could change Gobbledygook to Gobbledygreek, or Hornswiggle could easily sound just as good as the original Hornswoggle, while Scallyway could be turned into Scallywaggy.

2. Abstract Concepts

Combine words that produce strange results with quirky concepts that are amusing. A good strategy may be to use emotional adjectives to describe animals, food or other inanimate objects.

‘Angry Birds’ is a perfect example of this naming strategy. No one would ever associate birds with ever being angry, so the combination of the two words becomes hugely catchy and ends up being amusing when you imagine cute little birds that are irate.

In the same way, names like ‘Angry Seafood’, ‘Evil Hotdogs’ or ‘Neurotic Tacos’ also capture people’s attention by making them visualize quirky ideas.

3. Peculiar Combinations

Another option is to create a name consisting of two completely unrelated things that produce an amusing association when blended together.

This allows you to pick two diverse topics or characteristics of your blog to form its name. The challenge is to select two words that have no connection at all, and sound absolutely bizarre when they are combined.

An example of this naming method is “Tampons and Chocolate”, a real blog that may be a little distastefully named, but it certainly illustrates the quirkiness of this technique.

Here are some more names to give you additional ideas and inspiration for your blog’s name:

  • Plums and Pom Poms
  • Sour Cream and Socks
  • Roll-ons and Rubber Ducks
  • Lollipops and Laxatives
  • Daffodils and Donkeys
  • Pandas and Pralines
  • Diets and Ducklings
  • Poodles and Cream

4. Funny Fake Names

A novel way of creating a funny name for a blog may be to adopt a pen name that consists of a witty play on words that are uniquely spelt but sound like common phrases when they are pronounced.

You can get a better idea of how to compose one of these names by looking at the examples below. Some of them are not particularly funny, but hopefully they should illustrate how you can come up with a name that’s ideally suited to you and your blog.

  • Harry Bach (Hairy Back)
  • Justin Tyme (Just in Time)
  • Sandy Beech (Sandy Beach)
  • Joe King (Joking)
  • Anita Bath (I Need a Bath)
  • Anna Rexic (Anorexic)
  • Harry Stottle (Aristotle)
  • Huge Jass (Huge Ass)
  • Ressa Peas (Recipes)
  • Ben Anna (Banana)

5. Quirky Phrases

If you don’t mind having a quirky and long title for your blog, one good method of generating an amusing name is to create a phrase that’s funny in a peculiar way.

The best way to explain this approach may be to look at some examples. Evidently, this gives you quite a lot more freedom as the increased number of words makes it easier to construct something that’s quirkily funny.

  • Nanny Goats in Panties
  • Beauty Tips for Ministers
  • The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy
  • Cobwebs and Strange Syrup
  • I Should Be Folding Laundry
  • Swimming to Stand Still
  • Last Exit for Dire Straits
  • Don’t Put Lizards in Your Ears
  • Last Surviving Soda Jerk
  • Midlife Motorcycle Madness
  • Ruminations from the Meat Dept

6. Puns and Double Meanings

Use clever and witty word play to combine similar sounding words, or words with double meanings to make up names that use puns as a form of humor.

This is one of the most popular ways of creating a funny blog name and requires a fair bit of creative flair as well as a good command of the English language.

Here are a few examples of great puns to inspire you to dig deep in coming up with a witty name for your blog:

  • Poultry in Motion (Poetry in Motion)
  • Wok & Roll (Rock & Roll)
  • A Sense of Rumor (A Sense of Humor)
  • British Hairways (British Airways)
  • Thai Tanic (Titanic)
  • Assaulted Peanuts (Salted Peanuts)
  • Life’s a Cabernet (Life’s a Cabaret)
  • Cents of Humor (Sense of Humor)
  • Moo LaLa (Oo La La)

Be Creative and Witty to be Funny

Now that you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to start generating a list of potential names. Some will be funnier than others, so don’t worry too much and just let your creativity flow.

Write down as many options as possible, even if some of them sound really silly. You can use a mix of the different naming strategies to create a variety of choices. Don’t limit yourself too much and don’t get stuck trying to find a perfect name, as there isn’t one.

Once you’ve developed a healthy list, get feedback, opinions and constructive comments from people who are likely to be your readers and see what they think.

Your objective should be to keep an open mind and enjoy the process. Work smart and tap on the expertise, abilities and recommendations of others to help you make up your mind. By following these steps, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. You may be funnier than you think.